With Sonya being so supportive of Toadie while he works on the development case, he wants to do something special and decides to throw her a surprise party for her 30th birthday. Also seeing it as a way of bringing the community back together, Toadie asks Kyle if he’ll help set the marquee up, but, still feeling angry and betrayed, Kyle refuses.

Later, as Toadie and Mal plan Sonya’s surprise party, she walks in and rumbles their plan. Knowing they’re not the most popular people in the street at the moment, Sonya is reluctant. However, Toadie makes her see this is also a way of getting their friends back on side, and she soon comes round to the idea.

Wound up by Sonya and Toadie, Kyle gets more upset when he overhears someone in Charlie’s talking about Erinsborough in a bad way. When the same guy starts on Rhys, Kyle makes it his fight and the pair head outside. However, Kyle’s not so brave when the guy is joined by two of his friends.

Sonya has to face her fears when a chicken escapes from the coup at the gardens. With some young kids getting upset, Sonya has no choice but to pick it up, despite being terrified.