Kyle finally snaps!

Kyle arrives at work, not expecting to see Ash there, assuming he would be with Billie. When Ash responds negatively about his sister, Kyle makes a snide comment about the siblings. Tension mounts and Kyle starts to get physical, before Ricky breaks things up.

Ricky bumps into Ash and Phoebe and asks about Billie, but Ash makes it clear he has no interest in his sister’s affairs. Meanwhile, Phoebe approaches Denny with a coffee as a peace offering. However, things don’t go to plan as the pair end up in a catfight. The next morning, Denny and Phoebe patch things up and Kyle tells Ricky he is leaving the Bay.

Roo’s first day at university gets off to the worst start. First, she drops half her handbag down the stairs and then accidently shows people drunken holiday snaps. However, things get better when James comes to the rescue.