A saleswoman called Isla Schultz walks into Angelo’s and leaves Kyle her phone number. Kyle arranges a drink with her, but gets a nasty shock when she reveals she’s an associate of Dave Rodgers – the man who played against Kyle in his illegal poker game. Isla tells Kyle that Dave wants his $75,000 debt paid or Kyle and his friends and family will pay the price.

Irene is shocked when a woman named Claire claims to be her daughter. However, the conversation takes an awkward turn when Claire asks about her father. Unable to tell the truth, Irene is relieved when Olivia interrupts. When Olivia and Claire are left alone, Claire talks about her father and Olivia buckles under the pressure, revealing that Irene was abused. Horrified by the confession, Claire walks out.

Also, Chris and Hannah arrange a romantic meal on the beach, but the atmosphere is awkward leaving them both deflated. Billie witnesses their tense date and, after some wise words to them both, the pair have a passionate reunion.