It’s Kyle’s birthday and he receives a lengthy letter from Georgia. Feeling awkward about it, Kyle puts the letter to one side. Xanthe steams it open but Amy catches her and prevents her from reading the end of it. Later, Kyle reads the birthday card from his father, Gary, and it contains news that he’d rather not deal with either.

Piper learns that her video has gone viral and Tyler’s angry she’s humiliated Courtney. Aaron steps in and takes the blame, but his noble deed backfires when Tim Collins hits him with a lawsuit and Piper is forced to confess to Courtney that the video was all her fault. 

Paul quickly puts together a motivational business seminar, planning to raise the deposit by charging people an exorbitant fee to attend. Unfortunately, interest in the seminar is minimal, however, one participant is inspired to make Paul an offer that will help him fulfil his business dream.