Sheila continues pouring herself into the planning of Kyle and Georgia’s wedding as a way to avoid her issues with Naomi. She announces the engagement in the Frankston local paper, but Georgia’s annoyed with the inaccuracies in the article. Later, Sheila organises an engagement lunch for Georgia and Kyle. But when they learn she has deliberately excluded Naomi from the guest list, Kyle is furious. He’s not prepared to let the Sheila-Naomi feud ruin his engagement, and gives Sheila an ultimatum – she either makes amends with Naomi, or she’s not coming to their wedding.

Kathy sends flowers to a heartbroken Amber, but the gesture makes Lauren twitchy – she feels as though Kathy is trying to buy the kids’ love. Not wanting to aggravate the delicate situation, Kathy agrees, promising she’ll try to respect Lauren’s boundaries, but she still re-opens the search for Lauren’s missing child. Paige is alarmed to hear of this, and counsels Kathy to abandon the search, but Kathy won’t be deterred

Bailey is outraged when he discovers Alice has been collecting proxy votes and will beat him to the Presidency of the Astronomy Club.

On Matt’s advice, Bailey invents a club of his own, and becomes ‘incorporated’. He rubs his new position in Alice’s face, and she is dismayed.