Kyle goes missing!

Kyle and Georgia head off to the hospital fundraiser. But after he learns Chris has been lying to him about how much work pressure he’s been under, Kyle feels bad. Fed up, he heads off into the night on his own. Georgia’s concerned when she realises he’s missing, but Chris and Kate assure her there’s nothing to worry about. As a new day dawns, Kyle’s still missing and Georgia starts to panic.

As Joshua focuses on the training regime Brad’s come up with, Amber’s interest in him grows. Meanwhile, Joshua receives some advice from another professional swimming coach. Brad rejects the advice, but Terese later finds Joshua doing a search on the other coach, and wonders if he doubts his Dad’s ability. Joshua assures her that isn’t the case, but a seed of doubt has been sown.

Imogen and Mason have a fun first date. Imogen lays down the law with him, making it clear she’s never gone all the way with a guy, and that’s not going to change any time soon. Amber’s confused when she hears her friend’s suddenly interested in her brother, but Imogen assures her that she’s not taking it too seriously. Meanwhile, having seen Mason with Imogen, Kate’s jealousy is starting to get the better of her.