Kyle heads to court!

Kyle’s trial begins and he refuses to tell the jury that Isla was the culprit behind the robbery. After court, Kyle heads home and Isla is waiting for him. She plans to turn herself in by showing the police the gun and money from the robbery. Kyle tries to talk her round and later that evening he takes the gun and money from her bag.

Back in court, someone has dropped off a gun and money at the police station and they have Kyle’s prints all over them. The courtroom resumes and Kyle is sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Kat wants Dylan out of her life for good and asks Morag to help find some dirt on the dodgy copper. Morag tells Kat that Dylan has been working with an ex-con called Womma, so Kat and Ash track him down but come up empty handed.

Later, Kat searches Dylan’s hotel room but, when he catches her in the act, he slaps her across the face!