Kyle hits the self-destruct button

Kyle takes out his anger on Maddy, who is working her first shift at Angelo’s. Downing drinks to numb his pain, Andy tells him to slow down, as alcohol won’t solve his problem. When Angelo’s closes, a very drunk Kyle tries to kiss Maddy, but she pushes him away. It’s not long before Roo finds out and furiously tells Ricky what happened. When Ricky finds Kyle, she urges him to open up.

Ricky finds Maddy and is relieved when she says she won’t press charges. Later, Ash admits to Ricky that his future with Phoebe is uncertain. Unfortunately, Phoebe overhears and walks away coldly. Ash apologies and suggests that have a goodbye ceremony for the babies, which Phoebe and Kyle agree to.

Charlotte is racked with guilt especially when she overhears Chris asking why no one has heard from Denny. With no other option, Charlotte breaks into Denny’s room and tries to find the password to her social media accounts. She finally finds a box that could be of help, but is forced to hide when Chris comes home.