Kyle let’s slip that Phoebe’s home alone

Kyle, Ricky and Brax are all away, leaving Phoebe alone in the house when a fan that has been stalking her for weeks visits her. She tries to stop him entering but he knows she alone.

Andy gives Hannah some space so she’ll motivate herself to start walking. Zac visits her, he tries to encourage her to go outside but she breaks down. Zac convinces her to change her clothes and helps her sit in the wheelchair – all this inspires Hannah to take charge of her recovery.

Leah is still in a coma and VJ reaches out to Zac, who suggests they have lunch. When lunchtime arrives, Zac’s forgotten about VJ, as he’s busy helping Hannah. While at the Surf Club, VJ overhears Andy on the phone to Hannah discussing Zac spending all day at The Farmhouse. VJ feels Zac has moved on and says he’s not been there for him.