Jade dismisses Kyle’s attempts to explain that he didn’t mean to tell Sonya about her ex. But Kyle soon learns from Lucas that, as part of a couple, it’s his job to keep Jade’s secrets. Trying to make it up to Jade, Kyle offers her some of his own secrets but Jade refuses to budge. Tired of her hypocrisy, Kyle calls her on taking her issues out on him.

Playing down his interest in Aidan, Chris maintains it isn’t worth ruining his mended relationship with his dad for. Unconvinced, Tash makes sure Chris is at the Australia Day BBQ, knowing Aidan will be there. Chris isn’t up for it and tries to bail but Tash persuades him to come along. Spotting Aidan, Tash calls him over and Chris realises it’s a set up.

However, Chris soon sees that Aidan’s a cool guy and starts to relax. Playing pool with Aidan, Chris is eager to impress but, trying a little too hard, accidentally hits Aidan in the face. Mortified, Chris apologises but his jealousy is piqued when the bartender, Vaughan, ices Aidan’s eye and Aidan appears interested.

Keen to solidify his relationship with Emilia, Lucas takes her on an Australia Day date but things don’t go exactly as he planned thanks to Tash.