Kyle needs a ‘girlfriend’ quickly

Kyle needs to give the impression to a possible new client that his is a family firm and asks Jade to help. But she’s worried he’ll find out about her history with Troy and insists on staying with Sonya. When the prospective client arrives Kate is on hand and Kyle blurts out that she’s his girlfriend and helps with the business. The meeting goes well and Kyle gets the contract but, caught up in the moment, Kyle kisses Kate! Has he made a huge mistake?

Toadie reminds Jade of the importance of her testimony at the trial and encourages her to write down what she’ll say in court. She finds putting her feelings into words extremely difficult and when Sonya finds out she prompts her sister to talk to Kyle about the whole thing. Otherwise she might push him away for good.

Ed makes Tash realise how much she enjoys being challenged by maths and she enrols in a degree course at uni, finally embracing what makes her happy.