Kyle needs a new partner

Jade realises Kyle is serious about his ultimatum and seeks advice from Toadie who tells her she just has to make up her mind about whether she wants Kyle – and she doesn’t have forever to do it. Meanwhile, Kyle discovers that Lou is selling out his share of Dial-a-Kyle, which means he’ll soon have a new joint owner – a worrying prospect. Concerned for her grandson, Sheila decides to try to buy it and, negotiating through Ajay, finally agrees a price. Kyle is brought to the yard to meet his new business partner and is stunned to find it’s not Sheila but Jade! It’s her gesture of commitment to their relationship.

Rhys still hasn’t broken the news of the Japan trip to his mother and he’s clearly worried about it. Vanessa helps arrange support for her while they’re away and Elaine takes it well, much to Rhys’s relief. Elaine also notices that her son’s in love and passes on her mother’s antique ring for him to give to Vanessa when the time is right.