Kyle performs with his ex Phoebe

Tamara tries to hide her jealousy as Kyle’s old bandmate Phoebe arrives in the Bay for the festival and the chemistry between them is crackling. Phoebe asks Kyle to join her on stage and the pair perform a duet together leaving Tamara impressed.

John gives in and allows Jett to go to the festival, on the proviso that he stays by John’s side the entire time. Roo asks Spencer to keep an eye on Maddy but when Maddy and Josh arrive with one tent, Spencer asks if Roo knows about this.

Montgomery tracks down Bianca to ask for her job back, but Bianca’s not interested. Montgomery seeks out Heath, hating every minute that she has to grovel but Heath dismisses her. Montgomery can’t hide her anger and purchases a mobile-activated bomb. Later, Heath and Bianca rush Ricky to hospital as Ricky starts experiencing cramps and bleeding.

Zac agrees to take the twins to the festival when Ethan arrives unexpectedly. Once again he asks the twins to live with him. Evelyn and Oscar tell Ethan that for the first time since their mum died, they feel like they have a home. Ethan makes a show of telling the kids that he respects their decision. Unbeknownst to them, Ethan has followed with two men from Murray’s cult.