Kyle proposes to Georgia!

Now that things are back on track at work, a loved up Kyle reveals it’s time to propose to Georgia again. After brainstorming ideas with Sheila, Naomi and Chris, Kyle stumbles upon the perfect way to pop the question.

After being told he’s responsible for Kate’s death, Paul slips into depression and Daniel starts to worry. Meanwhile, Terese has yet to hear back from the Council with approval for extending the trading hours at Lassiters and is tempted to ask Paul to bump up her application to the top of the pile. Encouraged by Brad, Terese meets with Paul and is surprised to see he’s his usual self. But once she’s gone, Paul sinks back into his depression. Later, Terese returns to the penthouse and discovers Paul drowning in his own paperwork and realises the extent of his struggle.

Daniel crosses with Josh and Amber and is surprised to learn that Amber lied about going for a walk with him. Uncomfortable, Daniel confronts Amber wanting to know why she didn’t tell Josh. Amber reveals she felt Josh wouldn’t understand why they are spending so much time together. Alone, Daniel suggests things would be easier if they didn’t hang out any more. This is the last thing Amber wants, but not wanting to hurt Josh, she reluctantly agrees.