Kyle says ‘yes’ to Georgia

After Georgia proposes to Kyle, he eventually says ‘yes’. Kate and Gem are confronted by the engagement and are uncomfortable. Georgia comes to terms with the heirloom ring and asks Gem and Kate to be bridesmaids.

Gem is affected by the engagement but does her best to hide it from Georgia. Toadie encourages her to talk about it, knowing she must be hurting. She snaps at him and says she’s nothing but happy for Georgia. Later, Gem has a fall in the kitchen. At the hospital, it turns out she’ll be fine, and she apologises for ruining the engagement drinks. However, Toadie is left wondering if Gem is faking it.

When the wedding photographer Terese has hired becomes ill, she tries and find someone at very short notice. Amber entertains herself while working as a meter maid by taking photographs on her phone of Rhiannon and Mason.

Terese sees the photos and asks Amber to fill in as wedding photographer. Amber, dressed to look older, does a great job. But when Paul finds Amber taking photos, he accuses Terese of trying to rip off Lassiters’ customers.