Kyle seeks advice from Jade

Kyle seeks advice from Jade about dealing with Lou’s theft but she can’t help after her own experiences of betrayal, so Kyle turns to Sheila. She thinks Lou deserves nothing but Kyle eventually comes round and gives him a second chance.

However, when Jade learns of Kate’s role in covering up the loss, she’s furious and accuses Kyle of double standards. Kyle realises her anger is about him, not Kate, and he’s fed up with being punished for his mistake. He gives her an ultimatum – forgive him once and for all or they have no future together.

Sonya takes Callum out for lunch but a mix up with her signature means she’s unable to pay and he staff won’t let her leave until she does. Callum convinces her to do a runner so she can get the money and pay later and the experience certainly brings mother and son together.

And Vanessa is shocked to learn that Lucas had refused Lou a place to stay and offers him a room at the house. Lucas objects but, unable to reveal why he wants to be alone with her, he’s eventually forced to agree.