Kyle sees the real Gary

Sheila is taken to hospital where Karl confirms she’s suffered a heart attack. Kyle and Naomi are joined by Gary, who realises his actions are to blame and confesses to Naomi and Kyle that he had a fight with Sheila. He admits it was about accepting money from Paul to give Ezra a scare. Naomi tells Kyle about Gary’s involvement with the bank robbery in Frankston and Kyle is shattered to hear that Gary ran away to protect himself. Kyle’s heart breaks as he calls the police and dobs Gary in for the assault on Ezra Hanley.

When Brennan realises Erin is genuinely sick, he takes her to Karl, who warns him that Erin could become very sick if her living conditions don’t change. Over a meal at Harold’s, Erin insists she’ll leave Sonya alone, but Brennan discovers she lied about having a shelter to go to. He offers her the spare room at his house – at least this way he can keep an eye on her.