Kyle struggles to adjust without his sight

Kyle has burned his retinas by looking at the eclipse, and must wear eye patches until they recover. Sheila’s attempts to be helpful only serve to make things worse, and Kyle quickly realises just how hard it’s going to be to live without his eyesight.

Lucas is frantic after Steph’s phone call, especially now she’s switched her phone off. Vanessa angrily tells Lucas this is all his fault and tells Sonya she’s not sure she’ll ever be able to forgive Lucas if they don’t get Patrick back. Lucas finally manages to make contact with Steph, who tells him she wants to “go back to that special moment”. Lucas races to the Men’s Shed, where he finds Steph with Patrick. But as Steph descends further into a delusional psychotic episode, Lucas panics.

Lauren realises Terese knows she and Brad used to date. In the meantime, Brad puts his foot in it and discloses the information to Matt, who confronts Lauren and asks why it’s a big secret. Lauren reassures him and says she didn’t tell him because she was scared he would over-react.

Brad later apologises to Lauren for the slip-up. But there’s still undeniable chemistry between Brad and Lauren, in spite of how eager Lauren is to convince her husband otherwise…