Kyle takes desperate measures

With the household struggling for cash, Kyle makes a veiled threat to Steven in a bid to get more money...

Bex moves in with Martin and the extended Fowler/ Slater clan. It’s clear, however, that the flat is far too cramped for all of them. With Stacey struggling to cover the bills, Kyle asks Steven for a pay rise. When Steven refuses, Kyle hints that he might tell the truth about the restaurant robbery. With a threatening Steven not willing to bend to blackmail, Kyle is forced to back down. Stacey tells Kyle that she’ll find a house for all of them.

Mick does his best to reassure Linda that everything will be fine ahead of Ollie’s next check up. Feeling secretly worried himself, he confides in Buster, who promises to be there for him. When Buster and Shirley fail to open up the Vic, Mick is fuming. Lee heads off to find his granddad, who claims he’s with Shirley. When he sees the bedroom curtain twitching – and Shirley outside, Lee is shocked. He tells Mick he thinks that Buster is having an affair!

Les puts a plan into motion to sell the business to another company, breaking the news to an upset Billy and the rest of the funeral staff. Meanwhile, when Louise finds Phil in a bad way, she’s worried he’s been drinking again.