Kyle takes matters into his own hands

Tamara learns Rosie was raped by Mullens and is angry the police are doing nothing about it. She tells Kyle all about it and, believing she’s remembering her previous relationship with Nelson, he feels he needs to do something about it. He decides to track Mullens down and put the frighteners on him.

Sasha’s been suspended from school and is trying to relax away from the rest of the crowd when she’s asked to visit to the police station to discuss her assault on Mullens. Meanwhile, Kyle catches up with Mullens and scares him so badly that he drops the charges against Sasha and changes schools. Tamara thanks Kyle for his good deed but he misunderstands and kisses her.

Desperate, Heath decides to organise a meeting with Connie. She agrees and comes over, only too eager to pick holes in their arrangements. Heath, however, keeps his cool and eventually impresses her with the changes he’s making. Later, Heath gets a call from the airport – Connie’s moving states and she’s taking Darcy with her… and there’s nothing Heath can do about it.

Also, Gina and John encounter a problem with Jett’s adoption. The officials have learned of John’s heart attack and need him to do a full medical.