Tamara is missing and things aren’t looking good for Casey. Kyle’s testimony, however, goes well as he admits his wrongdoings and condemns his own father. He even reveals Danny Braxton’s plans for his son, shocking Casey in the process.

Then Tamara suddenly arrives – she’s willing to testify and shows Casey in a good light. Then it’s Natalie’s turn and her testimony is going well until the prosecutor highlights Casey’s assault on his teacher. The trial is in the balance…

Indi worries that Neil may attack her father but Sid dismisses her worries, though he does tell her to lock the door. While he’s out, Neil does turn up at The Farm demanding to speak to Lisa, but Indi convinces him to leave.

Sid is furious and tries to trick Neil into meeting with him, but Neil avoids him and corners Indi at Angelo’s. He’s going to keep her there until she tells him where Lisa is.

Roo is back in Summer Bay and asks Marilyn to be her bridesmaid. She also wants to ask Lottie and Leah unaware that Leah’s left town. Harvey is shocked, however, when he’s told he has to find several groomsmen and a Best Man… and he doesn’t have any friends to ask.