Theresa’s smitten with Kyle and does her best to impress on their date. However, she’s horrified when Kyle impulsively beats someone up for looking at her. Theresa’s sucked in by his excuses, but soon realises he’s not the man she thought he was when he suddenly threatens her.

Josh is charged with assaulting his dad, while Suzanne tries to persuade Neville to tell the police there has been a misunderstanding. But Neville is determined to teach Josh a lesson. Rhys is angry by Darren’s interference and as a family row escalates, Neville comes close to lashing out at Josh and Darren finds himself with a new lodger, as Josh moves in.

Zak feels lost without Michaela and is shocked when she announces she’ll go with him to his brother’s funeral. He’s delighted, assuming this means they’re getting back together. But Michaela hasn’t forgiven him for being unfaithful, she’ll go to the funeral because she still cares about him but she has no intention of taking him back. Zak’s frustrated that Michaela will only support him as a friend and nothing else, but feeling alone and needing her support, he’ll take anything she’s willing to offer.

Also; Carmel’s stressed out so Calvin promises her the perfect wedding with all their family and friends.

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