Sheila convinces Kyle to make a big romantic gesture to win Jade back, so he leaves flowers at the house, with a card asking her to meet him. Unfortunately Bossy gets to the flowers first and Kyle is forced to track Jade down at work. But Jade rejects him again and Kyle decides to try to move on with his life. Seeing her grandson so upset, Sheila confesses her role in pushing Kate onto him – how will Kyle deal with the revelation…?

Ajay is campaigning hard for the council elections, but is talked into taking time out to film a promo video for The Right Prescription. However, Chris films him letting a call from the mayor go to answerphone.

Paul orders Summer to concentrate on tabloid content and, unable to write the dating column without Chris, she struggles to satisfy her temporary boss. Then Andrew sends her the video of The Right Prescription and when Paul gets hold of it he creates a hatchet story that may cost Ajay the election.