Kyle’s arrested

Brax and Kyle take a dehydrated Tamara to hospital. Brax tells Kyle to lay low and avoid the police. After a brief examination by April, Sid realises that Tamara has no memory of her time in Summer Bay or with the Braxton’s. Kyle is still at the hospital and knowing his feelings towards Tamara, April warns him off getting too close. Despite April’s warnings, Kyle tells Tamara about her recent life and agrees to stay by her bedside. The police arrive to arrest Kyle but he promises to return to Tamara, who has already formed an attachment to him.

Bianca has to suspend Zac from teaching as Holly tells Maddy her story, but Maddy’s not convinced and confides in Roo. With Roo’s support, Maddy gives Bianca her opinion on Holly’s accusation. B

ianca interviews Holly again, and faced with evidence from Holly’s peers, she realises Holly’s accusation is fantasy. Bianca informs Zac that because Holly won’t drop her allegation the authorities have to be informed. Holly feels betrayed by Maddy for dobbing her in to Bianca.

Brax and Heath try to think ahead of Adam. Brax ferociously questions Tamara, but Sid tells him that she’s lost her memory and can’t help him. Despite Heath’s negative outlook, Brax refuses to give up on Ricky.