Kyle’s back!

Gaz surprises Lauren when he’s released by the police. Desperate to flee Hollyoaks, Gaz and Lauren try to fleece Spencer again claiming they need money for the baby. They’re so keen to conspire cash off him that Gaz says something that shocks Lauren to the core. Lauren nurses her guilt over Spencer, but things go from bad to worse when Kyle shows up, hunting for his gun. Gaz tries to fight Kyle off, urging Lauren to run but Kyle knocks him unconscious.

Sasha tries to stop Spencer from going to Calvin’s wedding, but flounders when he wants to know why. Spencer’s confused, Calvin is like a brother to him. If it was his dead brother Warren’s wedding, Spencer would definitely go – Warren would want him there.

Sasha later finds Spencer in a mess and assumes that Lauren’s told him about Calvin’s crime, she inadvertently reveals to Spencer that Calvin left Warren to die.

Also; Josh is feeling maligned and isolated so decides to cut his losses and make his lonely way home from the murder mystery mansion. He grabs a crate of beer and is over the limit when he gets behind the wheel of Olly’s car.

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