Jade’s shocked when there’s a man in her house she doesn’t know! It turns out Kyle’s had to rush off to look after his sick mum, and has asked his cousin Dane to look after his business. Jade’s horrified when he tells her they’ve also swapped houses while Kyle’s away.

At Kyle’s garage, Dane notices workmen from the development and when one of them suggests it was pushed through very quickly, possibly due to a bribe, Dane’s very interested. He immediately seeks out Paul to tell him what he’s found out and Paul’s incredibly interested, telling Susan she’s got some digging to do.

Dane also shares his information with Summer who rushes off to pursue the story, and discuss it live on PirateNet. However, shortly after Paul tells Dane that his information can’t be verified, so he tries to stop Summer talking about it, but Paul puts him off, explaining that once the story is out there, true or not, it will turn the public against the development for sure.

It’s the day of Kate’s assessment at school and she’s clearly distracted. With Noah in the class during her assessment, Kate struggles to focus and can barely get a sentence out. With the past events passing through her mind, Kate has to excuse herself. Just as she’s about to be failed, Noah steps in and saves the day, explaining that Kate’s just found out her ex-boyfriend has died. Despite helping her, she tells Noah to back off.