Kyle’s getting frustrated with Jade

Kyle’s helping set up the Jubilee street party and is upset when an increasingly distant Jade refuses to help out. Encouraged by Sheila, Kate realises that this may be the best time to tell Kyle how she feels and struggles with the decision throughout the day.

But when Kyle reveals that his relationship with Jade should be more fun – like his friendship with Kate – she finally reveals her true feelings to him. How will Kyle react?

Sonya is getting so stressed out by Troy’s presence in the street she doesn’t even want to be at home, let alone go to a street party. However, Vanessa makes her realise how lucky she is to have Toadie by her side and she finds the strength to attend the party, despite Troy being there, too.

Vanessa is unnerved by the idea of co-parenting with Lucas but when Sonya reminds her of the value of having an ally, she soon comes round to the idea and tells Lucas she’ll stay, at least until the baby comes.