Kyle’s harrassed by Officer Holland

Mark arrives at the car yard with Officer Holland, trying to get to the bottom of the alleged threats. When Holland plays it down, Kyle says he knew he shouldn’t have told Mark. At Harold’s, Mark talks to Lucas about it who tells him he saw Holland at the car yard talking to Kyle. But Mark still isn’t convinced. Later, as Kyle’s about to make a sale, Holland arrives and sabotages it. Examining CCTV footage, Mark’s horrified when he sees Holland threatening Kyle. Mark tells Kyle what he knows and together they catch Holland out. Kate’s stunned when Mark and Kyle come into Harold’s together like best friends.

Sonya wants to give Callum some of his baby photos and enlists Lucas’s help to get through to Toadie, and he reluctantly agrees. When Callum sees the photo, he’s clearly interested but he tries to pretend otherwise in front of Toadie. Lucas spots this and gives Toadie some home truths, telling him he’s a hypocrite for not forgiving Sonya, as he lied to her in the past about his fake relationship with Steph. Trying to get through to Toadie, Lucas steals a load of photos of him and Sonya out of her private box and shows them to Toadie, telling him he’d be an idiot to chuck his relationship away.

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