Kyle’s impressed by Georgia’s talents

Georgia’s charity camp-out is a great success with a fantastic turn out, though it’s not problem-free. When the band she’s booked fails to turn up, Georgia has little choice but to perform herself and her performance makes Kyle yearn for her even more. Then as the evening draws on, Scotty pays Chris a visit in his tent and seems to suggest he’s interested in him. Is Scotty deceiving Georgia?

Lou decides blood is thicker than water and lies to Lucas about Mason’s recent history, something he hates doing. But what annoys him even more is that Lauren is still lying to him, as she doesn’t realise he knows. When Lauren finds out, she apologises and asks for his forgiveness. Lou agrees as long as there are no more family secrets.

Eager to impress Kate, Mason buys a bottle of champagne for the camp-out but she doesn’t show, sending Bailey along instead with the ticket.

Tash tells Andrew their period of celibacy can come to an end and he’s delighted. But Sheila teases him over his willingness to do what he’s told by Tash and he decides to play hard-to-get. At the camp-out, Tash confronts him over his actions and Andrew confesses it feels like she’s been calling all the shots and he wanted to even things out. Their argument is quickly over, however, and any ideas of playing hard-to-get are soon forgotten…