Phoebe returns to the Bay, much to Kyle’s frustration, but Brax encourages Kyle to embrace Phoebe’s bravery. While out looking for her, Kyle arrives home to find the place trashed. He sees the intruder and chases him, but is pushed down into the storm water drain. Kyle is left unconscious and alone.

Heath admits to Brax that since Bianca’s found comfort with Harley, he hopes they can work things out. Leah urges Bianca to give it a go with Heath but she’s scared she will let him down. Phoebe sees Bianca walking along and she has a rant to her about people ruining their lives by fear, giving her food for thought. Bianca tells Heath that she never stopped loving him and she wants him back, and overwhelmed with happiness, they kiss.

With his drinking problem under control, Bianca agrees that Zac can return to work. However, there is still one thing that Zac can’t sort out – his feelings for Hannah. He tells her that seeing her with Andy hurt and he wants to move out. But Hannah is concerned about Oscar and Evie, and they agree to keep their relationship purely about business.

Also, Casey admits to John he has feelings for Denny, but is trying to stay away so he doesn’t ruin her relationship with Chris.