Kyle is nervous about seeing his mum, as it’s the first time she’s seen him as he is now. Realising what a big deal this is, Stacey starts to worry that she’s done the right thing. When Alison turns up, Kyle has gone missing, leaving Stacey to deal with her alone. Stacey is soon drawn into a conversation about her dad Brian.

Stacey is relieved when Kyle finally reappears with flowers for Alison. Shocked to see Kyle instead of ‘Sarah’, Alison can’t deal with who her child has become. Pleading with Alison to accept Kyle as her son, Stacey is saddened when Alison storms out.

Later, Martin comes home, giving Stacey a boost. Taking Martin aside, Andy tells him he knows he was fired from the job, questioning where he’s been getting his money…

Sonia struggles to keep her spirits up on the day of her and Tina’s birthday, as it’s the day of her appointment with the doctor about her lump. With Tina by her side, Sonia is given a referral to see a specialist. With her own mum’s cancer battle on her mind, Sonia later breaks down on Dot. Making a big decision, Sonia tells Tina she’s getting a double mastectomy.

Also, Carmel is kind to Masood after he reveals he was conned.