With David giving her the silent treatment and sleeping on the sofa, Kylie decides to do some digging to get to the bottom of Max’s problems and heads back to her old neighbourhood to confront her past. Once there she bumps into an old mate Gemma. When she tells Gemma she wants to talk to Max’s dad, her former friend confirms that he is still around and that she will tell him she is looking for him. Kylie heads home, but keeps quiet about what’s she up to.

When Mary can’t babysit for the twins Julie offers her services, much to Mary’s dismay. Dev is delighted when he gets home to find the twins have had a great time and as the kids head for bed he cracks open a bottle of wine.

Maddie finally gets Tim to admit he struggles with reading when she insists he read out her horoscope. She offers to help, but an angry and embarrassed Tim turfs her out of Number 4.

Also, Yasmeen is determined to get her community centre idea off the ground.