Kylie discovers Sarah’s secret!

A suspicious Kylie rifles through Sarah’s handbag and finds the name of the abortion clinic. Confronting Sarah, Kylie asks her if she’s pregnant.

When Rob phones Tracy from prison, Tracy agrees to visit again, but asks him to send the visiting order to the shop so Ken doesn’t find out. Johnny later visits Rob in prison. As Rob drops a bombshell on Johnny he’s left reeling from his shock revelation.

Nessa enjoys telling Audrey how she’ll be attending Carla and Nick’s engagement party as Ken’s plus one. Audrey paints on a smile while offering to do her hair. However Nessa’s appalled with her new hairdo – Audrey has made her look a fright on purpose!

Rita overhears Brendan on the phone to his wife and breaks the news to Mary that Brendan is married, but she’s taken aback to realise Mary already knew. Secretly hoping to impress Liz, Johnny splashes out on a new shirt for the engagement party.