Kylie drinks to forget David

Nick realises with horror that David intends to hand himself into the police. Clearly upset, Kylie goes to the Rovers. Hell-bent on self destruction, she descends into a self-wallowing, angry and drunken state. Meanwhile, Nick looks guiltily at a distraught Gail. He is aware his ultimatum forced her to push David away, and although he has no sympathy for David, he feels responsible for his mum’s agony. Nick decides he will try to stop David from confessing to the police

Brian wonders if he can’t be enough for Julie and tries to paint an idyllic picture of their future together in Wales. The job offer is news to Julie and she’s devastated to learn Brian could be so cruel. When heartbroken and angry, Julie suggests he accepts the job, Brian’s left wondering where it all went wrong.

Leanne’s grateful when Kal says he’ll help with Nick’s rehabilitation. But when Nick gives him short shrift, Kal loses his patience and lays into Nick.

Also, Ritchie asks Rita for her input; it’s clear there’s a spark between Todd and Marcus.