With Marc coming to dinner Gail‘s pulled out all the stops and puts on an impressive spread. But when a row breaks out over Kylie and David moving out, and David backs his mum, Kylie drops the bombshell that she and David are moving out no matter what, which leaves the whole family feuding.

Faced with the harsh reality of prison life Fiz makes a shocking decision about her future. Chesney and the Croppers are stunned as an emotional Fiz outlines what she wants for Hope, asking that the Coppers look after her

When James tells Sophie that Rob has secured the 20K funding for the charity, but it won’t arrive in time, Sophie is desperate to talk her dad round. As it would now just be a case of him lending the money for a week. But when she overhears him throwing scorn on the idea she decides to take matters into her own hands. Finding Kevin’s internet banking details Sophie sets up a funds transfer, she hesitates over the enormity of what she’s about to do, but clicks confirm anyway.

Also, Leanne isn’t happy when Stella gives Simon a flashy birthday present.

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