Leanne’s upset when the police reveal they’ve ruled out foul play, leaving Leanne convinced the car crash must therefore be her fault as she phoned Nick on his mobile and distracted him. Tina feels sick, knowing that David was really to blame and angrily tells David it’s got to stop, he has to tell Leanne what really happened. Realising the game is up David tells Leanne he’s got a confession to make but at No 8 Kylie suddenly doubles over in pain. Hearing her scream, Sean rushes over from the Windasses barbeque and finds Kylie collapsed on the floor.

As the rival barbeques get into full swing at the Windasses and Websters, Sally and Anna each crank up their music in an attempt to outdo each other. Faye looks longingly over the fence, wishing she could join Tim on the other side.

Katy’s excited at the thought of moving back to No 5 with Chesney. Sinead sees Chesney buying flowers. Assuming they’re for Katy, a saddened but understanding Sinead wishes him well and hopes he’ll be happy.

Alos, Eileen wishes everyone would leave her alone. Roy and Hayley return from their travels and are shocked to discover that Sylvia has gone to stay with her sister, Roy’s Auntie Jean.