Kylie arrives for work in a foul mood, worried about what Gail is going to tell David. When she then loses her rag with a customer, Kylie tells Nick to stick his job and heads to the pub, where despite her condition she proceeds to get drunk. Stella tries to get Kylie to stop, but when she ignores her and clambers up onto a table disaster beckons!

When Eric overhears Stella moaning that Gloria is clearly taking him for a ride and is just after his money he’s given food for thought. Stella’s onto her but when Eric also realises she’s nothing but a gold-digger he sets his sights on a lonely Eva.

As Katy catches up with her old friends she decides it’s time she started acting her age and having a bit of fun. After months at home looking after baby Joseph, Chesney agrees and Katy’s thrilled when he gives her some cash and tells her to go to Steph’s 18th birthday party.


Also, Tim starts working for Jason and promises Faye he’ll pop in the café later so they can have their tea together. Faye’s delighted while Anna’s uneasy; Steve comes up with a plan to replace Mandy’s missing tortoise and Lloyd’s forced to go along with it.