Callum enjoys taunting Kylie, reminding her of her past before giving her the wrap of speed she so desperately wants. Meanwhile, David tells Audrey he is worried about Kylie and didn’t buy her story about going to do a friend’s nails. When Kylie gets back Audrey tears a strip off her and tells her she needs to grow up, but Audrey’s ticking off and David’s concerns only force Kylie further toward drugs.

Steve admits to the doctor that he’s not himself and feels his life is pointless. The doctor reckons he might be suffering from depression, but Steve tries to make light of it and makes his escape. Once home he skirts around the issue and when he tells Liz that the mole is nothing to worry about she can’t help noticing he still seems very down.

Sinead and Chesney explain to Beth and Kirk how they could cut costs by having a shabby chic wedding and the couple finally admit they can’t afford the extravagant wedding Beth had set her heart on, but Sinead is able to save the day.

Also, Peter phones Carla from a borrowed mobile and tells her he still loves her, leaving her shaken.