Kylie makes a shocking announcement

Kylie’s a woman on the edge as she drags herself into work, hung over and looking dreadful. Leanne tells her to pull her socks up and sort herself out but Kylie won’t listen. Much to David’s horror, she starts to flirt outrageously with Kal, but Kylie doesn’t stop there and decides to make an announcement…

Carla persuades Tina to look after Simon. Peter phones Tina and asks her to meet him in the flat as he needs to talk to her about child-minding arrangements, but it’s clear that he has decided it’s time to tell her to keep her distance to avoid temptation.

Roy is concerned when Hayley tells the chemo nurse that she’s been in a lot of pain and has had to up her dose of painkillers.

Also, Steve slips out to meet Andrea on the pretext of doing food shopping; and Sally’s put out to learn Rosie won’t be coming home for Christmas.