Becky‘s heading for a meltdown as she tries to deal with Kylie’s news. But Kylie returns and claims she can’t ignore Becky’s feelings, and for once she’s given hope. Becky says that Max can stay with them while Kylie gets herself sorted and offers her a thousand pounds. But Kylie says that’s not enough, and has a proposition…

After last night’s hospital dash, all thoughts of moving to France are pushed to the back of Claire’s mind; she’s adamant that Ashley’s health is the most important thing. It’s music to Ashley’s ears, but as he hides the pills that will make him better he’s full of guilt. In the pub he admits the truth about his ‘angina’ to Ciaran. But when Claire comes rushing in saying that Freddie has eaten his pills Ashley’s forced to come clean.

When Michelle finds a C-shaped wreath on the steps of Underworld, she asks Maria if it could be to do with Tony’s death. Maria investigates, but when she draws a blank she assumes that the flowers are a sick joke intended to spook Carla. John squirms as he overhears.

Also, as Ciaran and Leanne plan the menus for the new bar, he’s worried about telling Liz he’s leaving.

*Second episode, 8.30*

Steve and Becky reel from Kylie’s bombshell, she wants them to buy Max off her permanently. When Steve refuses to buy a child, protesting that it is morally wrong, Kylie storms out vowing that they either come up with the cash or they will never see Max again. Steve and Becky are left alone considering whether to take up the offer.

A frightened John questions Michelle about the factory flowers and even though she knows nothing he is clearly spooked. But when he finds the C-shaped wreath in the bin he’s horrified to read the card; it seems someone saw him dump the body.

As a worried Claire insists on taking Freddie to hospital Ashley cringes. He is forced to confess the truth about his Angina ruse, knowing that Freddie will be fine. Staggered by his betrayal Claire is livid.

Also, Liz refuses to accept Ciaran’s resignation and Michelle gets involved in the row. He is forced to tell her that he is leaving to go work in the Viaduct.

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