Kylie hasn’t changed at all and is out to impress everyone on the street. This time she though she’s taking more of an interest in Max, and even buys Becky a small present as a thank you for all her help. But when Liz notices money is missing from the till, Becky is forced to ask a protesting Kylie if she had anything to do with it. She manages to pull the wool over Becky’s eyes for the time being, but when Steve catches her nicking more money, he’s shocked at how she plans to buy his silence.

Gary is worried that he’s heading for prison after his brush with the law. Meanwhile, Kirk makes a decision and Gary finds himself with an unlikely ally, when Kirk tries to save his army career.

Gail can’t shake the feeling that there is something fishy about Natasha and her suspicions are clearly upsetting her. Nick orders Gail to stop interfering and it’s clear that a rift is brewing between mother and son.

Also, Sean is in a dilemma as he spots Owen nipping out of the back door of the Rovers; Trev inadvertently slices through the top of a box containing hundreds of pounds worth of silk.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Steve is stunned by Kylie’s kinky suggestion and, shocked by both her betrayal of her sister and her deceit, tells her it’s time to leave Weatherfield. But a scheming Kylie has a plan up her sleeve.

Gail and Nick’s relationship hit’s rock bottom, as Nick is disgusted with his mother’s behaviour towards Natasha. But Gail just can’t shake her nagging doubts. Meanwhile, Natasha clings on to the hope that she could be pregnant again.

Sean tells Eileen what really happened between Owen and Liz. And Eileen is forced into giving them both a good tongue lashing.

Also, Kirk’s persistence pays off when Gary is released; Trev is bumbling along, but constantly making mistakes and it’s clear he’s starting to grate on Carla.

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