Kylie snatches Max!

*One-hour episode*

Becky‘s determined to help Kylie mark Max’s birthday as they attend his party at his foster parents’ house. His social worker’s there, but as the visit comes to a close Kylie’s upset about leaving her son, and snatches him on an impulse. As Max’s foster parents call the police, Becky races to find her sister. Back at the Rovers, Kylie frantically throws her things in a bag when the police turn up.

Kevin and Sally have been up all night looking for Sophie. The police promise they’re doing all they can, but there’s no news yet. Back on the street the Alahans wonder whether the reason that Sophie and Sian ran away has something to do with Aadi’s injuries. But Sally’s furious when they start to ask her and Kevin questions.

Deirdre’s stunned when Lawrence arrives – he’s the spitting image of Ken. She’s sure they must see the resemblance too, but neither comments as they chat about everything but the obvious. When Lawrence leaves, Deirdre explodes at Ken, asking why he didn’t ask Lawrence about his father. Ken admits he bottled it, but resolves to ask him next time.

Also, Fiz is shocked to discover Natasha still hasn’t told Nick the truth and urges her to come clean; Nick plans to propose to Natasha.

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