Kylie takes drastic action against the Platts

Having burnt her bridges at the Platts, Kylie heads to the salon to apologise to Audrey. But unmoved Audrey orders her out. Desperate, she’s forced into drastic action and heads over to Gail’s explaining that social services have called; they’re visiting tomorrow to discuss her access to Max so she needs to be at home. But Gail refuses to back down, claiming she should have thought of that before she blackmailed Audrey. Stumped, a tearful Kylie’s in the Bistro with Eva when she spots Nick’s keys. Kylie heads back to the Platts and locks Gail out. Arriving home to the furore, David attempts to calm his wife down.

Faye ruins Anna and Owen’s burgeoning friendship. When Owen asks Anna if he can buy her a drink later she readily accepts. But Faye’s not happy and when no one is looking she snatches Owen’s phone. Using it to text Anna and cancel the date she ruins their burgeoning friendship, leaving Anna gutted.

Fiz is shaken by Ruth’s threats and becomes frustrated when her cell is vandalised and there’s no support in sight.

Also, Frank reveals he’s arranged an engagement party so Carla can meet his parents and they can shout their love from the rooftops. Carla’s like a rabbit in headlights.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

As Gail tells David to sort his wife out he’s desperate to know what’s going on. But still angry with him for forgetting her birthday Kylie refuses to open up. Insisting he sent flowers and has the receipt David begs Kylie to talk to him. Eventually she lets him in, apologising for doubting him. Promising never to leave her again David vows to help ace the social worker visit. But when Gail, Nick and Audrey all barge back into No 8 hostilities resume. Nick insists they sit down and discuss things like adults. But as they struggle to reach a truce David tells them he’s moving out.

After another threat from Ruth, Fiz is on edge when Tyrone visits. Seeing Ruth and husband Leon staring over, she caves in and reveals all to Tyrone. Tyrone‘s appalled as Fiz admits she now fears for Hope’s safety and eyeing up Leon he follows him home.

When Gary confronts Owen about his treatment of Anna it becomes clear there are two very different versions of this story.

Also, when Frank invites Leanne and Peter to the engagement do they awkwardly agree. He then suggests Leanne accompanies Carla to her wedding dress and Leanne reluctantly agrees.