Kylie takes her revenge on David!

Kylie grabs a crowbar and starts whacking the door to Tina’s flat. David and Tina emerge and Kylie turns on Tina, until David silences her by revealing that Tina’s pregnant with Gary and Izzy’s baby. David denies sleeping with Tina, but Kylie walks out. David tracks her down to the Bistro, but when Kylie sees him arrive she grabs Tommy and exacts revenge!

Leanne explains to Nick that she can’t go away and leave Simon with Peter. Later, she’s shocked when Nick reveals he’s booked them another wedding on Christmas Day. Meanwhile, Carla’s gutted to be back. Peter explains they’re just visiting until Simon asks Peter to stay for good. As Carla catches up on work Peter calls in and says he wants to stay permanently. Hating the idea Carla reaches for the bottle as Peter proudly tells Ken how he and Carla have beaten the booze!

Mandy arranges with Eileen for Paul to bring his new colleague Vince to meet Stella. Realising resistance is futile, Stella agrees to meet him for lunch.

Also, Rita tries to book a cab, but when Steve establishes it’s for Dennis, he refuses – Dennis is banned. Furious, Rita decides to play Steve at his own game; Tyrone hopes to get out of an early night with Kirsty.