Kylie’s back!

Gail‘s shocked to discover who David’s fiancee really is. As he introduces Gail and Audrey to Candy they’re surprised to see it’s really Kylie.

Maria turns up at work to learn that Frank’s rung Carla and agreed to the deal. Everyone congratulates her but Maria’s uneasy, especially when Frank arrives at the factory to sign the contract behaving like nothing’s happened. He apologises for misreading the signals but swears he meant no harm. As he goes, Carla demands to know why Maria was so frosty with Frank, especially now he’s helping the business.

Gossip and paranoia get too much for Becky as relations remain strained between her and Steve. And she contines to struggle to cope with Tracy breathing down her neck in the Rovers.

Also; Anna’s worried by Gary’s angry reaction when Chesney refuses to lend him his van again; As Graeme and Tina discuss Xin’s predicament, Graeme suggests he could get his mate to provide fake ID for Xin.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

When Frank returns to Underworld to sign on the dotted line he’s met with hostility and admits he was drunk, misinterpreted the situation with Maria and is sorry. He then suggests withdrawing from the deal which put Carla on the horns of a dilemma.

Gail rails at David for picking up someone like Kylie but David threatens to leave if she throws Kylie out. As David introduces his fiancee in the pub, it’s clear that the pair are causing a stir. Steve’s angry to see Kylie back in town and Becky orders her out. But Kylie assures her that she’s not come for Max or more money, she says she’s in love with David and wants a second chance.

Anna and Eddie see a glimmer of hope with Faye. She comes for another visit and is tense until Gary arrives. But when she catches Anna and Eddie looking in her bag she storms out.

Also; Xin turns down Graeme’s offer of forged paperwork, unwilling to break the law. But when Kylie suggests Xin’s only hope would be to marry a British citizen Graeme and Tina are thoughtful.

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