Kylie’s desperate to confess all to David

Gail’s insistent that after months of lying it’s now too late to tell David the truth and Kylie must keep quiet if they’re to hold the family together. At the hospital David frantically urges Nick to believe that the crash was an accident. As Nick drifts in and out of consciousness, a desperate David begs him to believe he never meant to cause the crash just as Leanne walks in!

In Owen’s office Phelan demands his motorbike back or he’ll call the police, but Owen attempts to call his bluff. Will his gamble pay off and will Phelan clear his debt?

Michelle’s convinced she isn’t getting the whole truth from her dad about his surprise visit to see his family and calls her mum. As Helen reveals why Barry really landed on her doorstep Michelle’s floored.

Also, Brian’s shocked when Julie mentions fostering.