La Fox is back!

Kim is back in the Square with a few secrets of her own and is surprised at how different things are. After learning of Denise’s troubles, Kim confronts Ian in The Vic.

After a troubling encounter with Cindy, Emma arranges drinks at The Vic for the Beales and Brannings, but she soon riles the two families by asking questions about Lucy. Jane warns Emma to back off, insisting she’s not investigating the murder any more and should keep her nose out. Sure that she’s getting close to the truth, Emma heads home alone and opens Lucy’s case file. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together, Emma realises he’s cracked the case. Emma makes a call, telling the recipient she knows they killed Lucy…

Ronnie’s plan to take revenge on Nick is coming together. After stealing money from Phil’s safe, she then gives Nick an ultimatum to force him to leave the Square. Handing Nick the stack of cash, Ronnie is hopeful that it’s the last she’ll see of Nick Cotton.