Lachlan attacks Robert in Emmerdale!

Robert thought he had Lachlan on the ropes, but Lachlan comes out fighting

*First episode*

Lachlan panicked when the police turned up to question him but they didn’t take him away. Then Lachlan’s worry turned to anger. He knew Robert had tricked him, sending him messages he thought were from his father to try to get him to confess to shooting Lawrence. Lachlan found Robert and attacked him. But Robert wasn’t worried. He was happy to see he had Lachlan all wound up. Maybe he can still break him…

Cain never really wanted his marriage to Moira to end and he was deeply hurt when his divorce papers arrived. He wasn’t keen to sign and finalise things but it seemed Moira was and she pushed him to get on with it. That suited Charity… The quicker they divorced, the quicker she could make Cain properly hers again.

Paddy was still questioning Marlon’s friendship with Pierce. How could he befriend Paddy’s enemy? But Marlon told Paddy he had to get on with Pierce for his son Leo’s sake. Like it or not, Pierce is part of Rhona’s life and that makes him part of Leo’s life, too. Paddy definitely doesn’t like it.