I’m going to kill you! Unhinged Lachlan issues Lawrence a death threat…

Lawrence is found passed out by a disgusted Lachlan who then vows to kill his granddad!

Following his showdown with Lucky, Lawrence needs a drink and Robert’s more than happy to oblige. But poor old Lawrence is going to regret having a tipple with Robert, who once again laces the old man’s booze with drugs. Later, Lachlan finds his granddad crashed out on the sofa and is disgusted. Looming over him Lucky vows to kill Lawrence! But who’s overheard his death threat?

Elsewhere, Bernice wants to know why Gabby is still in such a strange mood. Worried, the mum asks her if it’s anything to do with Emma’s death. Teenage-style, Gabby denies it and goes off in a huff.

Megan and Frank are pleased to see that Jai seems to have turned a corner and has a more positive outlook on Eliza’s condition.