Guilt-ridden Lachlan flees his mum and granddad’s funeral to try to make sure his killer secret stays hidden…

Lachlan ducks out of Chrissie and Lawrence's funeral to get hold of Gerry's mobile phone

In church, Lachlan stands in the pulpit to deliver eulogies for his mum and granddad both of whom he killed having caused a terrible car smash. But no one knows head “mourner” Lachlan was responsible for Chrissie and Lawrence’s deaths – and he needs it to stay that way. And for that to happen, he needs to erase the incriminating voicemail which is stored, unheard, on Gerry’s mobile. Using grief as an out, he flees the church to find his mate’s phone.

The fund-raising auction takes place. Charity’s not impressed when Rhona refers to her and Vanessa as “girlfriends”.

Elsewhere, Brenda’s still worried about her and Bob who she suspects might still be seeing someone.

First episode of evening.